Buddha Lounge

DONTPUNKOUT author Charles Morgan and book soundtrack producer oceanfox were invited to lead mantra (meditation), svara (breathwork), and sound healing for one of the longest-running spiritual camps at Burning Man.

Offering a mix of Buddhism and mayhem, Buddha Lounge is a theme camp that has been attending Burning Man for 13 years. They host yoga and meditation classes every morning in Black Rock City.

For Burning Man 2023, Buddha Lounge invited DONTPUNKOUT to bring its brand of cutting edge neuroscience to the playa, using epic drums to drive a daily pranayama practice.

"There is one fundamental law of the universe. You might have the most important message, but...

If it doesn't slap, nobody is listening."

~Jey Van Sharp, the Wülf

snoop dogg

DONTPUNKOUT and oceanfox worked with Snoop Dogg's team to turn a simple guided meditation into a banger that will blast into the ephemeral sands of Burning Man. Every day, Snoop will remind Buddha Lounge what the body needs - JOY - and the importance of neuroplasticity in achieving this goal.

To commemorate this historic collaboration, we are releasing a collector's edition vinyl of the official book soundtrack. Play this album every day, breathe along to the drums, and enjoy the neuroplastic growth. It couldn't be simpler, and we can prove it with a brain scan.

Your purchase comes with 40 days of neuroplastic training, live, with author Charles Morgan. When you complete the program, we send you this fancy certification.

FANCY a brain scan?

We sell everything you need to grow your amygdalae. Tools, training, even verification by brain scans. 100% guaranteed neuroplastic activity, or your money back.

See you on the other side. DONTPUNKOUT before you get here.

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